Sportsbetting Bonus



  • The first deposit bonus only applies to players living in Denmark.
  • The first deposit bonus is a 100% bonus up to a maximum of 1,000 DKK on the first deposit.
  • The minimum deposit is 100 DKK to be qualified for the first deposit bonus.
  • The deposited amount and the first deposit bonus amount has to be wagered 3 times on sportsbetting before withdrawal is possible. The first deposit bonus amount will be blocked from withdrawal (blocked amount) until this requirement has been fulfilled.
  • Only bets with a combined odds of minimum 2.0 count towards the first deposit bonus wager requirement.
  • Bets on cancelled events do not count towards the first deposit bonus wager requirement.
  • If two or more bets are placed on different outcomes in the same event, only the wager from the first bet counts towards the first deposit bonus wager requirement.
  • The first deposit bonus applies to all deposit methods in Denmark.
  • The first deposit bonus is limited to one per customer, player account, household, set of payment details, shared computer (e.g. university, work place, internet cafe etc.) and IP address.
  • If a new or returning customer applies for the first deposit bonus more than once, Tipico has the right to cancel the original first deposit bonus and any winnings obtained from this bonus.
  • The account balance, apart from the 'blocked amount' (visible on account statement), can be requested for withdrawal.
  • The deposited amount including the first deposit bonus can only be tranferred to the Tipico Casino account when above wager requirements have been met.
  • Failure to comply with one of above conditions may result in cancellation of the first deposit bonus and removal of any winnings obtained from the first deposit bonus.
  • Customers who use more than one player account will not be credited with the first deposit bonus.
  • The first deposit bonus is exclusive to amateur player accounts and is therefore granted to such players. What Tipico categorizes as professional players and player syndicates, player communities or players with several accounts will not be granted a first deposit bonus. The first deposit bonus can not be used in connection with other offers. In this respect the decision of Tipico is final and not negotiable.
  • If it is suspected that any of the offer’s conditions are violated or a customer (with a first deposit bonus, free bet, improved winnings payout or any other offer) places a bet which guarantees a winning no matter the outcome of the bet, Tipico reserves the right to withdraw the first deposit bonus, amend or cancel placed bets, deny withdrawals or close the player accounts.
  • All customers who try to open several player accounts will have their first deposit bonus removed from all player accounts.
  • Customers can only use payment methods in their own name to deposit and withdraw money. For customers using payment methods not registrered in their own name Tipoco reserves the right to remove all winnings from the account, cancel all transactions and close the account.
  • If the first deposit bonus has been used to place a bet, the first deposit bonus can no longer be removed from the customers player account.
  • The first deposit bonus is valid until further notice.
  • Furthermore, Tipico’s generel terms and conditions apply.

Combi Bonus



Benefit from our Combination Bonus and get up to 25 % added to your winnings.
Place a combination bet consisting of at least 5 combined bets and we will increase your winnings by the following percentages:


Combination Length Bonus
Combination bet with 5 – 9 bets 5 %
Combination bet with 10 – 14 bets 10 %
Combination bet with 15 – 19 bets 15 %
Combination bet with 20 – 24 bets 20 %
Combination bet with 25 or more bets 25 %
  1. This bonus applies to winnings on combination bets which at least consists of combined 5 single bets. The winning is calculated according to the above table.
  2. The bonus will be automatically credited to the Tipico account.
  3. The bonus will be displayed in bet submission.
  4. The bonus will not apply if all or part of a combination bet has been cashed out.
  5. If one or more event/s of a combination bet is/are not valid (for example cancelled), the invalid event is excluded from the calculation of the multiple bet winnings..
  6. If there should be any suspicion of one of the conditions of this offer being breached or customers placing bets that guarantee a win no matter the outcome of the bet, Tipico reserves the right to demand the offered bonus back, correct or cancel bets placed, refuse to make payments and close account.
  7. Tipico reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
  8. General Terms and Conditions apply.
Version 16, 15.09.2014

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